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About Membership Rewards

  • 1. What is Membership Rewards?

    Membership Rewards is a customer loyalty programme from American Express that rewards you for regularly using your American Express Card. Once you enrol in the programme, the more you spend, the more Membership Rewards Points you accrue. These Points can be redeemed for a wide variety of travel, shopping and entertainment rewards. Points can also be transferred to other loyalty programmes such as airlines (frequent flyer programmes) and hotels (frequent guest programmes).

    The Membership Rewards programme is available on selected American Express Cards. To find out which Cards are eligible for the programme or to enrol, please call the American Express Membership Rewards team at 0800 917 8053.
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  • 2. How do I enrol ?

    If you're not already a Cardmember please visit, to find an eligible Card that's best suited for you.

    If you're an existing Cardmember with an eligible Card, start enjoying the benefits of Membership Rewards today. To enrol, simply call 0800 917 8053.

    The Membership Rewards programme is available on selected American Express Cards. To find out which Cards are eligible for the programme or to enrol, please call the American Express Membership Rewards team at 0800 917 8053.
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  • 3. How do I earn points?

    You earn Membership Rewards points for every full pound of eligible spend on your Card. Simply use your American Express Card for your everyday purchases and watch your points add up. See more on earning points.

    Please note that the following are not eligible spend, so will not earn Membership Rewards Points:

    • interest;
    • all fees (including annual membership fees and default fees);
    • balance transfers;
    • cash advances (including transactions treated as cash);
    • loading of pre paid cards;
    • American Express Travellers Cheque purchases;
    • foreign exchange transactions; and
    • any amounts that are subsequently credited to your Card Account by way of refunds or other types of credits.

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  • 4. How do I redeem my points?

    Redeeming is easy.

    If you're enrolled in online services, visit and log in to your Membership Rewards account. You may then search for and select your reward. If you're not enrolled in online services click here to enrol today. Alternatively, if you do not have online access or would prefer to discuss and redeem your reward over the telephone, you can call us on 0800 917 8053.

    If you've received a promotional offer from American Express, take note of the reward code and visit Log in to ensure you see the offers for which you are eligible, and then check that the Points value is the same as the promotion before proceeding with your redemption. You will not receive the promotional emails if you are currently opted out of direct marketing. To accept direct marketing, please visit
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  • 5. What can I redeem my points for?

    Your points will give you access to an exciting range of rewards1. Enjoy shopping rewards from gift cards and vouchers for your everyday purchases to luxurious fashion and beauty. Discover transfer rewards with access to a selection of the world’s leading frequent flyer and hotel rewards programmes. There are also numerous financial rewards such as using your points for a credit on your Card. Whatever your taste, the perfect reward awaits you.

    1. All rewards (other than the redemption of Points for Credit) are provided by the rewards provider and not by us, our affiliates or our subsidiaries.
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  • 6. Are there any circumstances where I might not be able to redeem Points for Credit?

    You cannot redeem Points for Credit if there is not a balance outstanding on your primary Card Account or if you are late in making payment on your Card Account.
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  • 7. How do I check my Points balance?

    If you have not yet registered for American Express online services and would like to view your up to date balance and manage your account online, click here to enrol. If you have already registered for online services, just log in to see your Points balance. For detailed Points transactions, go to My Points at the top of the page.

    Alternatively, every month you will receive a Membership Rewards statement as part of your Card Account statement which shows the number of Points you have accumulated and the Points you have redeemed.
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  • 8. When are the points allocated to my Membership Rewards account?

    It takes 24-48 hours after the charge has appeared on your account for your Membership Rewards Points balance to update accordingly. As a charge may not appear on your account the same day the transaction took place, you may wish to monitor your spend activity online.
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  • 9. Do Membership Rewards points expire?

    Unlike many other schemes your Membership Rewards Points have no expiration date.

    However, please remember that:-
    • If you end your Card Account agreement and there are no other Linked Cards on your Points Account, you will have 30 days from the date you request this to redeem your Points. If you do not redeem your Points within 30 days, they will be forfeited.
    • If we cancel or end your Card Account in accordance with the Card Account agreement, you will lose the Points that you have earned but not yet redeemed.
    • If you miss a monthly payment on your Card Account, the Points that you have earned in the previous month will be forfeited.
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Have we missed anything?

If you have any questions about the Membership Rewards programme or would like to learn more, please call us on 0800 917 8053