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All Pay with Points

Use points towards purchases

Use points towards purchases

Membership Rewards® gives you the freedom to use your points to cover anything you’ve bought on your Card.

A coffee with friends, tickets for a blockbuster movie (and the popcorn) or flights for a weekend away, as soon as the transaction reflects on your statement, you can use your points to pay. And it only takes a moment or two when you use the Amex App.

You must use a minimum of 200 points each time. There is no maximum limit. 1,000 Membership Rewards points is currently equal to £4.50 spend, but please note that this may change. Terms apply.


1. Log in to your online Account.

2. Tap on any eligible purchase on your statement from the last 30 days.

(You can now redeem 200 points or more to either pay in full or part-pay for eligible purchases processed within the last 30 days.)


1. Log in,to your Amex App.

2. Tap on any eligible purchase on your statement from the last 30 days. (It can’t be one marked as ‘pending’).

Choose the option to offset the full charge with 200 points or more. *

*The Amex App only supports full payments. If you want to part-pay for a purchase with your points, you will need to log in via your desktop.

Congratulations, all done. You will see a statement credit appear on your Account within the next three working days.

Terms apply.

“Use Points Towards Purchases” replaces the former redemption option “TripFlex” and allows you to redeem your points for a statement credit towards purchases of goods and services.

For full information please refer to the “Use Points Towards Purchases”Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions.