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Shop with Points at Amazon.co.uk

Shop with Points at Amazon.co.uk

Shop with points is an easy way to use Membership Rewards points for eligible purchases at Amazon.co.uk.

Use as few or as many points as you want, up to your total number of available points. Or choose to use points for part of your order and have the remaining balance charged to your linked American Express account.

1,000 Membership Rewards points is currently equal to £4.50 spend at Amazon.co.uk, but please note that this may change.

Shop with Points is open to eligible American Express cards enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme.

Getting started is really simple, follow the three steps below:

1. Go to amazon.co.uk/membershiprewards

Sign in to your existing Amazon.co.uk account, or create a new one.

2. Link your accounts

Follow the instructions to link your Membership Rewards® account to your Amazon.co.uk account.

3. Shop with Points

Shops as normal and at the checkout choose to pay with Membership Rewards points, your American Express® Card, or a combination of both.

Important information – please read

1. Certain items at Amazon.co.uk are not eligible for purchase using Membership Rewards points and are subject to change. For more details, click here
2. Participation in the Shop with Points programme requires compliance with Amazon.co.uk Shop with Points Service Terms found here, the American Express Membership Rewards programme Terms and Conditions found here and the Corporate Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions found here .
3. Upon shipment of your order, your Membership Rewards points will be redeemed and your balance will be updated. If you do not have sufficient points in your Membership Rewards account for your order at the time of shipment, Amazon will email you to request an alternative payment method. If your American Express Card Account is cancelled before payment is charged, you will be required to provide an alternative payment option to Amazon.

4. By participating in the Shop with Points programme you agree that American Express Services Europe Limited and its affiliates (“American Express”) may provide to Amazon EU S.à r.l. and/or its affiliates (“Amazon”) information about you, your Card and your Membership Rewards points balance. American Express and Amazon may store or process this information outside of the EU, in countries that may not have adequate data protection legislation, but in such cases American Express will protect your information as it would do in accordance to UK Laws and Legislation. We may also receive information about your order from Amazon in certain circumstances.

For more information regarding your privacy, visit the American Express Privacy Statement and the Amazon.co.uk Privacy Statement