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All Pay with Points

Use points with SafeKey

Use points with SafeKey

You can now shop online with your Membership Rewards points at more retailers than ever before. What’s more - you can buy anything from items of everyday use to something luxurious, to pamper yourself.

A range of participating SafeKey retailers such as Harrods, House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols are now offering this flexibility.

To view a selection of other participating merchants click here and for more information, view the FAQs here

1.Complete the check-out process with your American Express® Card.

2.When the SafeKey screen appears, select the option to ‘Use Points’.

3.Confirm the amount and click ‘Use Points’.

Use Membership Rewards points with SafeKey’ Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to the Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you signed your Card Account Agreement.

1. Eligible Cardmembers. You are eligible to redeem Membership Rewards points (‘points’) for a statement credit where the ‘Use points with SafeKey’ tool is available if:

• You are the Main Cardmember of a UK Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards programme, (Supplementary Cardmembers are not eligible)

• Your Card is in good standing (not overdue or in collection).

• Corporate Cards are not eligible to redeem Points using the Pay with Points redemption option.

2. Eligible spend. Only purchases made at participating UK online merchants enrolled with American Express SafeKey and ‘Use points with SafeKey’ are considered eligible spend to redeem points for a statement credit on your Card Account. The ‘Use points with SafeKey’ tool is not available for all online purchases.

3. Redeeming points. You can use as few or as many points as you would like up to the total of the merchant charge as long as you have enough points in your Membership Rewards Account. The points will be deducted from your Membership Rewards Account when you have completed the ‘Use points with SafeKey’ journey. A minimum redemption threshold may apply for each purchase.

If the Points redeemed do not cover the entire purchase amount then the rest of the purchase amount will remain on your account.

You cannot redeem Points if you have:

a. a credit balance on your Card Account or (if applicable) your Flexselect Account; or

b. [a credit will cause your Card Account or (if applicable) your Flexselect Account to have a credit balance;] or

c. missed a payment on your Card Account or (if applicable) your Flexselect Account.

4. Statement credit and merchant charge. The merchant charge and a matching statement credit will appear on your Card Account within 48 hours (although this may take longer in limited circumstances, such as during periods of system outages). The merchant charge and statement credit may not appear at the same time.

5. Returning a purchase. If you return the goods or service you’ve purchased to the seller for a refund then any refund you receive will be credited to your Card Account. Your Points Account will not be reimbursed. If you prefer that we reimburse your Points Account then please contact us using the online account centre or by calling Customer Services using the number on the back of your Card. Any refund for a purchase made using Pay with Points will be subject to the seller's refund policy. Goods and services are provided by the seller and not by American Express, our affiliates or our subsidiaries. You should read any terms and conditions provided to you by the seller before you purchase the goods or service.

6. If you have a Flexselect Account.

a.any purchases over the set threshold we have told you about will be added to your Flexselect Account (provided they're within your credit limit);

b.we will debit your Points Account with the Points you’ve asked to redeem and credit your Card Account (not your Flexselect Account) with the corresponding amount, including for partial redemptions, where the number of Points redeemed does not cover the entire purchase amount.

c. if there are no other transactions or amounts owed from prior periods on your Charge Account then, on the date your monthly statement is produced, any credit available on your Charge Account will automatically be offset against the outstanding balance on your Flexselect Account. This means that for partial redemptions, the rest of the purchase amount will remain on the Flexselect Account; and

d.the credit may not appear on the same Card Account statement as the purchase; and

f.if you miss a payment on your Card Account or Flexselect Account then the Points that you have earned in the previous month will be forfeited and deducted from your Points Account (which may result in a negative Points Account balance).

7. Your Cardmember agreement. You must still pay the payment due or minimum due amount shown on your Statement of Account as provided in your Cardmember agreement, irrespective of any ‘Use points with SafeKey’ transaction that you may have conducted. You must not withhold any payment due on your account based upon your expectation of receiving a credit on your account

8. Changes. We may suspend usage of the ‘Use points with SafeKey’ tool where the Card Account is not in good standing (overdue or in collection) or at any time at our discretion. If you miss a payment on your account then Points that you’ve earned in the previous month will be forfeited and deducted from your Points Account.